"Very creative thinkers, deep understanding of the issues, yet grounded in a very realistic comprehension of... realities and economics... politics and government practice. CD+A's Principals' understanding of complex transportation and land use projects is at the top of industry standards."
- Harrison Rue, Former Executive Director
Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission

"CD+A provides the rare combination of competency in both urban design and urban policy arenas. Their recent work for us on a major mixed-use framework plan and feasibility analysis in Silicon Valley was highly responsive and thoughtful. They think strategically in solving complex redevelopment issues."
- Steve Kellenberg, Senior Vice President of Community Planning, Urban Planning & Design
The Irvine Company

"We continue to be very pleased with the work you and your team did for us. We are pushing ahead... and citizens seem to be on board because of all the excellent public outreach you did."
- Tom Chambers, City Council member and former mayor
City of Healdsburg, CA