AC Transit East Bay BRT

Oakland and San Leandro, California

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District

Subconsultant to Parsons Transportation Group

2011 to present

Community Design + Architecture (CD+A) is part of the multi-disciplinary team tasked by AC Transit with conducting the preliminary and final design phases for its 9.5-mile long East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line between Downtown Oakland and San Leandro BART. Bus Rapid Transit is an enhanced bus service that offers many of the same attributes as rail transit, such as fast, frequent, and reliable service; a branded product; specialized vehicles; high-amenity stations; and real-time passenger information.

CD+A provides services for this project in the areas of urban design, landscape architecture, wayfinding, and public art. Landscape and station area designs for curbside and median stations developed by CD+A include signature elements such as station identity trees, raised planters, and 'green fences' that will increase passenger comfort and enhance the aesthetic and branding value of the BRT stations. In addition, CD+A will also develop landscape plans and construction documents for 1.5 miles of landscaped median. The sensitive integration between existing and new sections of median planting is a key consideration for this work and involves close coordination with local residents and stakeholders. CD+A is also designing custom crosswalk patterns and hardscape surfaces associated with station access and mid-block crossings.

CD+A is responsible for developing sign schedules and details as well as sign placement for a system of directional and wayfinding signs that will be used at BRT stations and at strategic locations throughout the system's route. The goal of this signage is to orient passengers to a station's surroundings, the location of transfer points, and key destinations in the area. The signage system is designed to be consistent with MTC transit hub signage guidelines and standards.

Finally, CD+A and its public art subconsultant, Helene Fried, are responsible for conceptualizing and coordinating the integration of artistic enhancements into the station design. The aim of these enhancements is to customize the appearance of individual or groups of stations to reflect the local identity of the neighborhoods they are located in. This work includes the identification of potential art enhancement elements, determination of an artist selection panel, call for artists, and coordination of work by the artists with that of the project design team.

The ongoing East Bay BRT preliminary engineering phase will end in April 2013, followed by the final design phase, which is scheduled to conclude in spring of 2014.