Berkeley Downtown Streets and Open Space Improvements Plan (SOSIP)

Berkeley, California

City of Berkeley

Subconsultant to Economic & Planning Systems

2009 - 2010

Community Design + Architecture (CD+A) worked with a lead economic planning consultant to prepare a Project Cost and Financing Plan for the City of Berkeley's Streets and Open Space Improvements Plan (SOSIP). The Streets and Open Space Improvements Plan is an implementing element of Berkeley's General Plan and Downtown Area Plan. The envisioned improvements would support the framework of transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly residential, retail, and office development established by these plans.

Community Design + Architecture prepared a series of concept-level cost estimates for a broad range of improvements included in the conceptual designs for streetscapes and open spaces that had been prepared by City staff. This required close coordination with City staff about the materials, treatments, amenities and other details whose use was implied in the basic design concepts provided to CD+A. In addition, CD+A coordinated with Berkeley's Public Works and Parks, Recreation and Waterfront staff in order to take on the challenge of estimating the probable maintenance costs associated with the envisioned street and open space improvements, a topic that is gaining significant importance with these departments' peers across the country.

After presenting the draft capital and maintenance cost estimates to the SOSIP Committee, CD+A finalized the estimates for inclusion in the Project Cost and Financing Plan report, where they formed the basis for a discussion of available financing scenarios. The report is expected to serve as a reference document for Berkeley staff, commissions, and elected officials in the long-term implementation of the Streets and Open Space Improvements Plan and in the pursuit of grant and other funding opportunities.