Broadway Boulevard Corridor

Tucson, Arizona

City of Tucson

Subconsultant to HDR


CD+A is part of a multidisciplinary team that is working to redesign a section of Broadway Boulevard, which runs between downtown Tucson, Arizona and activity centers to the east. The Regional Transportation Authority's sales tax measure and improvement plan approved by Pima County voters directed the City of Tucson to widen this two-mile section of Broadway from 4 through lanes to potentially 8, including dedicated transit lanes. The project also includes a land use planning element, which will include evaluation of the potential for development oriented to capitalize on any future high capacity transit system on Broadway. CD+A is collaborating with HDR to design the street and is leading the land use planning effort along the corridor. CD+A has worked with the team to develop an existing conditions report for the study area that evaluates existing land uses, land use policy urban form, and historic and architectural value of existing buildings. The team has also begun to develop potential street cross sections for Broadway. 

Over the next couple of years, the team will work to develop a context-sensitive design and alignment for the roadway improvements up to the 35% design level. This will include work with a Citizens Task Force, adjacent neighborhoods, businesses and property owners along the street, and an extensive public outreach and involvement program. CD+A will also lead the effort to determine the community's vision for the future character and mix of land uses along Broadway and begin to define if an Urban Overlay District is the best implementation tool for achieving the community's vision.