Central Healdsburg Avenue Plan

Healdsburg, California

City of Healdsburg

Lead Consultant

2010 - present

CD+A is leading a multi-disciplinary consultant team to create a plan for a new mixed-use neighborhood around a planned commuter rail transit station in the heart of Healdsburg, a center of visitor activity in Sonoma County's wine country. Only a few blocks from the Healdsburg Plaza, a lively center of pedestrian activity surrounded by shops and restaurants, the properties along central Healdsburg Avenue include light industry, a lumberyard, and auto-oriented commercial uses. Several of the owners are considering redeveloping their properties with more intensive and pedestrian-oriented uses.

The planning process includes an extensive community and stakeholder outreach effort, including traveling displays and a dedicated website, as well as multiple community meetings aimed at achieving consensus on desired uses, intensities and urban form for the area, building on Healdsburg's unique historical architecture and innovative new developments. Guided by a project steering committee, the team investigated options for reconfiguring U.S. 101 interchanges and street intersections along this gateway to Healdsburg, in order to both improve the area's image and make Healdsburg Avenue a more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly multi-modal street. Following a market study, economically viable redevelopment concepts and building typologies for the area were explored and vetted with the community, and necessary infrastructure improvements and financing sources identified.

The plan is currently undergoing environmental review. The plan is expected to be adopted in mid-2013.