Emeryville Green Redevelopment Guidelines

Emeryville, CA

City of Emeryville

Lead Consultant

2004 - 2006

In the past decade, the City of Emeryville has earned a national reputation as a pioneer in reclaiming, remediating, and redeveloping its decaying industrial lands. A massive brownfields pilot program has resulted in a dramatic economic turnaround for the City, which has succeeded in attracting high-tech firms such as Chiron and Pixar to locate in the City.

Through an EPA grant, the City is now addressing its next challenge to meet new standards for water quality and improve the general environmental sustainability of continued revitalization efforts. To realize this goal, CD+A, along with a local hydrology firm and transportation consultants, have created Design Guidelines for Green Dense Redevelopment.

The guidelines, geared specifically to developers and designers, integrate green stormwater treatment into the site planning and building design of new development. Additional efficiencies in development will also be gained from pedestrian-friendly parking strategies. The parking and green design solutions range from shared district parking facilities to green roofs to containerized rain gardens; all are tailored for Emeryville's unique context: heavily urbanized sites with little extra room for large detention facilities, often with compacted or even contaminated soils and a high water table.

The guidelines document, which includes a thorough numeric sizing methodology for various facility types, will enable City staff, planners, designers, and developers to implement sustainable design on many scales throughout Emeryville. Implementation of the guidelines will allow Emeryville to attract research and knowledge-based businesses and to develop additional housing opportunities for those interested in Emeryville's urban lifestyle.

In 2006, the guidelines document was awarded a Northern California Chapter APA and a California Chapter APA Award in the area of 'Focused Issue Planning.'