Grant-Oracle Intersection Project

Tucson, Arizona

City of Tucson

Regional Transportation Authority

Subconsultant to Kimley-Horn Associates

2010 - 2012

CD+A was the urban design consultant for a multidisciplinary team that prepared construction documents for the first phase of the Grant Road Improvement Project. The project included complete reconstruction and widening of the intersection of Grant Road and Oracle Road, as well as about 3,000 feet of the length of Grant Road. The Grant Road Improvement Project is a regionally-funded roadway improvement project for 5-miles of Grant Road in Tucson, Arizona, to accommodate two additional auto lanes while providing improved facilities for bicycles, pedestrians and transit and capitalizing on opportunities for revitalization along the corridor. CD+A and the same multidisciplinary team also prepared the 35% design concept plan for the full improvement project. The project focused on Context-Sensitive Solutions, in which different disciplines collaborate and consider social, land use, urban design and other elements of the surrounding area to design a transportation facility that fits its environment.

For the Grant and Oracle project, CD+A designed the streetscape (i.e.; shade structures, sidewalk paving design, transit stop improvements, pedestrian-scaled lighting, custom designed railings, etc.) with particular focus on the pedestrian crossings and refuges at the major intersection, the project's two bus stops, and the midblock 'Pelican' signalized pedestrian crossings at the two ends of this phase of the project. CD+A also led the coordination of the public artist and their installation with the design and engineering team.

The design concept and details focus on creating a high-quality pedestrian-supportive environment with pre-manufactured shade structures at the major intersection pedestrian crossings, focusing new pedestrian lighting at the bus stops and median crossings, and custom 'ocotillo' fencing at the 'Pelican' crossings.

Construction documents were finalized in the fall of 2011 with construction underway in 2012.