Grant Road Improvement Plan

Tucson, Arizona

City of Tucson
Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)

Sub-consultant to Kimley Horn Associates

2007 - Present

CD+A was part of a multidisciplinary team of consultants charged with redesigning a 5-mile long segment of Grant Road, a major street in Tucson, Arizona. The project was funded by a regionally approved sales tax measure, which defined the basic improvements as two additional vehicular travel lanes, with additional improvements to create better facilities for bicycles, pedestrians and transit, and capitalize on opportunities for corridor revitalization. The project used a Context-Sensitive Solutions design approach, in which different disciplines collaborate and consider social, land use, urban design and other characteristics of the surrounding area to design a transportation facility that fits its environment.

CD+A worked with a Citizens Task Force to create a vision for the project and a set of associated guiding principles that informed the development of a corridor-wide design concept. The concept incorporated the team's analysis and design input with the stakeholders' vision and guiding principles, and public input from extensive community workshops. CD+A was also involved in the design of a special intersection configuration that uses an indirect left turn to minimize right-of-way acquisition, reduce pedestrian crossing distance, eases traffic flow, and provides additional signalized pedestrian and bicycle crossings. The Tucson City Council approved the alignment in January 2009.

CD+A proceeded to work with the team and the Task Force to develop a streetscape concept for Grant Road, which included a palette of trees indicating different street context zones, rainwater harvesting areas, and pedestrian-supportive elements such as lighting, seating, and special paving at bus stops and pedestrian crossings. CD+A then developed these concepts into 30% construction documents.

Concurrently with the road design, CD+A developed a Community Character and Vitality Plan that addressed the future development of the properties along Grant Road. The key piece of this plan was an 'Urban Overlay' zoning ordinance for the corridor called the Grant Road District. Informed by several rounds of public workshops, the Grant Road District became a form-based code that emphasized walkability and unique aspects of Tucson's culture and environment.

Lastly, CD+A worked with the project team to complete final design for the first segment of Grant Road, at the intersection of Grant and Oracle Roads. CD+A completed the streetscape construction documents, which included pedestrian lighting, bus stops, special paving, street furniture, pedestrian refuges, and shade structures. This 'Early Intersection Project' or EIP, is now under construction.