Madera County Blueprint Process

Madera County

Madera County Transportation Commission

Land Use Modeling Consultants

2006 - 2008

CD+A worked with VRPA to help the Madera County Transportation Commission (MCTC) execute their modeling and consensus building effort under the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Planning Process with funding from a Caltrans grant. The planning process covered an eight county region, wherein each county was working to establish a vision for the growth of their region to the year 2050 through a stakeholder consensus process. The vision was utilized as a benchmark to evaluate different future growth scenarios that are being modeled based upon inputs from the stakeholders within each county. CD+A's role in the project was to develop land use inputs and run the land use allocation modeling and evaluation tools for MCTC. CD+A gathered and standardized countywide GIS based data and managed the UPLAN modeling software runs of the different scenarios. CD+A also helped in detailing the specifications of the different scenarios that were desired by the County's Blueprint Roundtable committee. CD+A ran three alternatives through the UPLAN model and measured their performances based on indicators used by other counties participating in the Blueprint process.