Old Fig Garden Transportation Study

Fresno, California

City of Fresno

Lead Consultant

2011 - Present

CD+A led a multidisciplinary team in preparing a Community Transportation and Land Use Study for the county-island of 'Old Fig Garden' and adjacent neighborhoods within the City of Fresno. The study intended to resolve long standing traffic and pedestrian safety concerns on streets within the neighborhood, defining safe routes to school as well as framing appropriate land use and urban design transitions between growth corridors in the City of Fresno and Fig Garden's residential areas. The project was a result of the unique collaboration between the Old Fig Garden Homeowners Association (HOA), the County and City of Fresno, the Fresno County Council of Government (COG); who jointly applied for and secured a Caltrans grant to fund the project.

The project began with the establishment of a steering committee consisting of local area residents and stakeholders as well as representatives from the HOA and different County, COG, and City agencies. CD+A supported the committee in developing a set of guiding principles intended to help all project stakeholders to navigate tradeoffs between different project's goals throughout the preparation of the study. The CD+A Team conducted two interactive public workshops that provided the community with an overview of relevant existing conditions, an opportunity to participate in crafting a multimodal transportation framework for automobiles, pedestrians, and bicycles, and in selecting design concepts for pedestrian and bicycle improvements as well as traffic calming elements for streets in the neighborhood.

CD+A developed the draft preferred urban design options for land use and urban design transitions, and the street improvement concepts. The final report for the study will includes phasing and funding recommendations for the implementation of identified improvements as well as action items for parties involved in the implementation process.