South Hayward BART Mission Boulevard Concept Plan - Mission Blvd Concept Plan

Hayward, California

City of Hayward and Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Lead Consultant

2004 - 2006

CD+A was part of a multidisciplinary team that developed the South Hayward BART/Mission Boulevard Concept Plan for approximately 240 acres surrounding the South Hayward BART station, and along Mission Boulevard in Hayward, California. The neighborhoods surrounding the South Hayward BART station are changing rapidly with increased demand for housing, while Mission Boulevard itself is undergoing redevelopment to make it a more efficient transportation corridor.

The project team performed a comprehensive assessment of land use and urban form, market conditions, and transportation. Two initial development scenarios were created, a more modest 'Suburban Scenario' and a more aggressive 'Urban Scenario.' Following direction from the City Council, Planning Commission, and general public, a third 'Blended Scenario' was developed. The team created design guidelines and recommendations for circulation improvements to support the pedestrian and transit-oriented vision of the community and access to BART. The team worked to reassess BART and City of Hayward parking policies to maximize potential for TOD while meeting the needs of residents, workers, and shoppers. During the planning process, BART procured additional resources from Caltrans to undertake a more detailed study of the development potential on the BART properties. The South Hayward BART Access Plan included the same team members, managed by CD+A, to ensure coordination with the larger Concept Plan effort. The Access Plan resulted in a blueprint for improvements to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure within the station area, to better serve the proposed multi-modal TOD environment.

Both the Concept Plan and CEQA document were certified and adopted in June 2006, and BART's Access Plan was finalized in April 2006. In March 2009, the Hayward City Council approved a high-density, mixed-use project at the South Hayward BART Station that includes 788 residential units (both market rate and affordable), a full-sized grocery store, and a parking garage to service BART commuters, marking a large step towards implementing the Concept Plan's vision for TOD.