Stormwater Design Guidelines for San Francisco

San Francisco, California

Port of San Francisco and SF Public Utilities Commission

Subconsultant to Hydroconsult Engineers

2006 - 2008

Community Design + Architecture worked with hydrologists Hydroconsult Engineers and regulatory specialists from the San Francisco Port and Public Utilities Commission to develop Stormwater Design Guidelines for San Francisco. The Stormwater Design Guidelines provides guidance on regional stormwater discharge permit compliance and use this regulatory driver to foster better building and public space design in San Francisco.

The guidance approaches stormwater management from a perspective of land-use specific multi-functional design. Stormwater management tools are selected and integrated into appropriate land-uses based not only on stormwater management performance criteria, but also on their contribution to the built environment and the larger design and sustainability goals of the City. Greening of City streets, provision of more public space and usable open space, improvement of urban wildlife habitat and habitat corridors, reduction of potable water demand, and other broader environmental goals are addressed through the design approach elaborated in the document.

In addition to CD+A's role as a content contributor based on our nationally recognized expertise in innovative stormwater guidance, CD+A's responsibilities included creation of a graphic-intensive implementation-oriented guidebook that is visually appealing and easy to understand and use. Additionally, CD+A was responsible for developing a palette of appropriate vegetation and guidance on facility management and maintenance.

A public review draft of the document is currently available for review.