Tempe Station Area Plans

Tempe, AZ

City of Tempe

Lead Consultant

2007 - 2008

CD+A led a multi-disciplinary consultant team to develop station area plans for four light rail transit (LRT) station areas along Apache Boulevard in Tempe, Arizona. The station area plans developed by CD+A provide policy recommendations and design guidance for public and private investment near the light rail.

Apache Boulevard's unique set of issues includes affordable housing, retention of local businesses, application of TOD-supportive development concepts, and improving the pedestrian environment. CD+A led numerous community outreach events to facilitate public participation in the station area plans. These events included public open houses and workshops, and a multi-day collaborative charrette involving citizens, local developers and business owners, and City staff.

CD+A responded to residents' concerns about higher-density development by recommending zoning that concentrates such development around the stations and transitions to lower densities around residential neighborhoods. The plans also recommend improved pedestrian and bicycle access to encourage greater connectivity between neighborhoods, schools, parks, area businesses, and light rail stations. In addition, the station area plans provide guidance for enhancing aesthetics and comfort along the corridor through the use of shading elements, landscaping, and high-quality architectural and urban design. The station area plans conclude with implementation and capital improvement recommendations to assist the City of Tempe in completing the transformation of Apache Boulevard into a successful, comfortable, and attractive multi-modal environment.

Since completion of the plan, Tempe has implemented zoning amendments and completed streetscape improvements. As a result of the rail line and planning efforts, land values have increased by as much as 400 percent and two mixed-use and one multi-family project have been built to date, with five more under development along the corridor, for a total of nearly 1200 dwelling units, 300 hotel rooms and over 50,000 square feet of retail.