Vision Los Angeles

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation and the Environmental Defense Fund

Vision Los Angeles is an ambitious effort on the part of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation and the Environmental Defense Fund to advance a regional vision for enhanced mobility, economic development and environmental quality by working with public, private and non-profit partners to develop and implement a Strategic Transportation Plan for Los Angeles County. The Vision Los Angeles Strategic Plan for mobility will bring the full range of regional, local, business and environmental stakeholders to the table to help shape regional infrastructure funding into more efficient and sustainable forms.

CD+A was asked to facilitate a subregional transportation and land use visioning workshop for the Vision Los Angeles Advisory Committee, which consists of stakeholders from the business, environmental, and local government communities. The workshop is using the Westside Cities and Gateway Cities subregions as test cases. CD+A, as a subconsultant to Fehr & Peers Associates, has prepared a highly interactive and high-level map-based visioning exercise to allow stakeholders to identify and prioritize regional and local-scale transportation and mobility improvements, as well as supportive land use and development, as they create a vision for access and mobility at the subregional level. Workshop materials include base maps and development types d from the Southern California Association of Government's Compass Blueprint project, a menu of transportation and mobility enhancements, and background on pending transportation and planning projects and planning and transportation-related greenhouse gas-reduction strategies and policies.