ATP Grant Support for OakDOT

Oakland, California

Client: City of Oakland

Role: Lead Consultant

Project Duration: 2015 – 2016

Key Features

  • Supports safe routes to school and transit, and green and complete street concepts
  • Concept designs and materials developed for three grant submittals
  • Multimodality focused concepts to improve safety, comfort, connectivity, and local placemaking


CD+A led three multidisciplinary teams to develop conceptual complete street and streetscape designs, estimates of probable costs, and illustrative support materials, such as plans, cross sections, and visual simulations, to be used by the city of Oakland related to three Caltrans Active Transportation Program grant submittals.

The West Grand Avenue Complete Street project, between San Pablo Avenue and Nelson Mandela Parkway, included parking and one-way protected bike lanes with raised landscaped or paved side medians. Transit stops were configured as floating bus islands at the ends of the side medians. Two street intersections with crossing bicycle lanes were also designed as protected intersections. Additionally, the pedestrian realm was enhanced by green infrastructure, landscaped or paved curb extensions on West Grand and its side streets.

The 14th Street project, between Brush Street and Lake Merritt, was a road diet complete street project that included floating transit island; one-way protected bike lanes; and a protected intersection at Oak Street. Green infrastructure elements were included in the design of the median where feasible. CD+A helped the city advocate to Caltrans that green infrastructure should be an infrastructure cost and not a landscape cost. This project was awarded a $13 grant, one of the highest grant awards at the time.

The multi-phase Bart-to-Bay Trail project between the Bay Trail at Zhone Way and San Leandro Street encompassed a combination of multiuse path, two-way median protected bike lanes, and buffered bike lanes to create a comfortable, safe, and attractive pedestrian and bicycle connection from an existing pathway along the BART tracks, to the Oakland Coliseum and Oracle Arena facilities, and across I-880 to the Bay Trail. Proposed improvements also included enhanced signalization at intersections, a protected ped/bike path through the I-880 interchange, and landscape and green infrastructure elements.