Senter Road Multimodal Safety Study and Complete Streets Plan

San José, California

Client: City of San José

Role: Lead Consultant

Project Duration: 2019 – 2020

Key Features

  • Addressed safety concerns for a Vision Zero Priority Safety Corridor
  • Created a long-term corridor vision that balances all roadway user needs


CD+A led a team to provide multimodal street and transportation design and community engagement expertise towards the creation of a Vision Zero Strategy for a 3-mile segment of Senter Road. San José identified Senter Road as a Vision Zero Priority Safety Corridor due to its consistently high frequency of severe and fatal traffic crashes. The Senter Road Multimodal Safety Study is an important step in the City’s process to address those issues by developing design concepts and recommendations to improve safety and comfort for all users, as well as increase urban greening, improve aesthetics and safety, and provide comfort for people with a broad range of skills and cycling experience.

CD+A led the existing conditions and needs analysis and conducted extensive community outreach, which informed the design concept alternatives and a preferred plan. These efforts culminated in the creation of a long-term corridor design vision that balances the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and motorists; provides urban greening; and builds on the strengths of the Senter Road corridor. This vision was articulated in 10% design drawings and a final study report, including an implementation plan, prepared by CD+A staff. 

During the project, City of San José staff integrated design concepts into a restriping and median construction project that was at 65% design when the project began, demonstrating the applicability of the Senter Road project concepts with other urban goals. The city also identified funding to implement many of the project design concepts using “quick-build” methods in FY 2021-2022.