West Street Multi-Use Path

Berkeley, California

Client: City of Berkeley

Role: Lead Consultant

Project Duration: Phase I: 2003 – 2004, Phase II: 2011 -2013

Key Features

  • Mid-block multi-use path extends regional trail and provides access to connect to bike boulevard
  • Provides Safe Routes access and connectivity to schools, transit station, and neighborhood parks
  • Design reflects input from adjacent property owners, city residents, and potential users


The 0.4-mile long West Street Multi-Use Path project the Ohlone Greenway with Strawberry Creek Park on an abandoned rail right of way and provides an important linkage through the city and in the region. The project was planned, designed, and constructed in two phases for the city as funding was obtained. The multi-use pathway provides direct and comfortable access to parks, schools, and a BART station.

For phase I, CD+A led a team to implement an 18-foot wide multi-use pathway that combines pedestrian and bicycling uses along with adjacent landscaping, pedestrian lighting, and entry monumentation. A mid-block on-demand pedestrian flashing beacon signalized crossing was provided across the busy University Avenue to improve safety and access for pathway users and school children of nearby schools To solicit community concerns, expectations, and ideas regarding the project’s design, operations, and associated landscaping, the team held a series of community workshops. The team also met with adjacent property owners to address particular access and privacy issues along the multi-use pathway.

Based on the success of the initial segment, a new CD+A Team was later retained by the City of Berkeley to complete the design and construction documents to further extend the multi-use pathway and complete an important link in this well-traveled bicycle and pedestrian corridor. With the exception of the southern segment of the second phase project, the 18-foot wide pathway, adjacent landscaping, and pedestrian lighting was extended, along with the placement of a mid-block on-demand pedestrian flashing beacon signalized crossingIn addition, a green infrastructure swale and community garden was incorporated into the design. In the southern segment, the multi-use pathway was constrained by and aligned along an existing easement and consists of the multi-use path lined by a decorative metal fence to provide an attractive route, security to the adjacent private school, and increased pathway visibility.